Forvo API announcements

October 17, 2012

Forvo API community is growing up to 2,000 developers so we would like to share with you some recent news about it.

- Commercial release: Forvo pronunciation API can be used in projects with a clear commercial intention that's why we have created a bunch of plans that could meet your needs. If you need anything more customized we can also have a talk about it.

- Panel improvement: We have added some improvements to your API panel so now you can see your requests divided by type of request: json, XML, etc. Audio requests also have been added and they are shown to give you a better perspective of how your application is going.

- Second request limits: For certain plans we are enabling a second request limit. No mather how many requests you have chosen we offer you a security space of more requests so your application won't break in a peak of traffic or in the middle of the day.

- Showcase: If you are creating an app and you want to appear highlighted in our website please let us know. It would be nice also it you add it to the handy website programmableweb which features Forvo API.

- Status: Starting this week, you will see a new section when logged in to your account. It's called "status" and it shows you the current performance and availability of the API. We hope it helps you to see how Forvo is performing or to find punctual problems.

- Third party apps: One sad reminder. If you are using Forvo API key to enable a third party service, remember that it's not allowed. We also encourage developers to stop this practice as it's forbidden from the very begining of Forvo. We have not canceled any account yet, and we don't want to so if you are in this situation please update your application to fulfill the rules. We are open to listen to your needs so we can improve Forvo API even better.


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