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How to learn languages for your next trip abroad

We recently spoke to Alex Redfern, Founder of the language tutoring platform, Lingoci , about how students can learn languages in preparation for traveling abroad. Hi Alex, we’re curious – let’s say a student wants to learn...

October 28, 2019


Language number 340 on Forvo

Hot on the heels of the fantastic news that we reached 4 million pronunciations , Forvo has hit a new landmark with the addition of language number 340. Saraiki is a language spoken in the southern half of the province of Punjab in Pakistan...

November 23, 2016


The Editors Behind Forvo

Even though us at Forvo like to think of the site as a helpful reference in a time of need, we know that Forvo would be no help at all without its over 500 editors that generously volunteer their time to help share their native language with...

March 11, 2015

Forvo featured in Adsense publisher stories

We were featured as a publisher success story. Read the full article at Google Adsense Blog .

May 1, 2013

Meeting Forvo editors: Rooibos

Q: A little bit about you. A: My name is Stefanie " Rooibos " and I'm one of the voices of the German language. Q: When did you learn about Forvo? A: I discovered Forvo when I was searching for the correct pronunciation of...

May 31, 2012

Meeting Forvo Editors: Zababa

Zababa , czech editor. Q: A little bit about you. A: My name is Sven and I come from Liberec, Czech Republic. I currently live in Germany where I studied linguistics and now work on the moribund N|uu language. I speak Czech (my mother...

January 22, 2010

Meeting Forvo editors: pleitecas

Pleitecas , spanish editor. Q: A little bit about you. A: My name is Pedro. I'm an almost retired spaniard looking for developin my hobby, my comunication skills. I love nature and peace. I studied Geography. I'm sure we can be happy...

October 6, 2009

Meeting Forvo editors: snowcrocus

One of things we most like about Forvo is the oportunity to meet some incredible valuable people. That's why we are starting a new section in this blog to introduce you to some of the editors that collaborate at Forvo. Snowcrocus , an...

September 21, 2009